This interactive web project will guide you through completing your rabbit project.
As you work through the rabbit project, be sure to take advantage of the supplemental
information, videos, and links.

Beginning Your Rabbit Project

First you need a few materials to help keep your project
organized. Before starting your project you will need:

Once you have your materials, it's time to get them
organized. Label the four tabs in your divider:



The first rabbit project in this series is Getting Started with Rabbits. These files will help you
navigate through the many questions anyone who is interested in completing a rabbit project
should consider before they begin. Completing Getting Started with Rabbits will help you identify
which other type of rabbit project would interest you the most.

If you are already familiar with rabbits and the responsibilities of owning a rabbit from past
projects, then you may want to skip Getting Started with Rabbits and move on to another project
you would like to work on. There are three additional rabbit projects:

Pet Rabbit Project
Show Rabbit Project
Market Rabbit Project

All three projects have individual web page sets that you will use to complete the project you
have chosen. Within the project web pages there are four types of information that you will see.
Scroll over each type below to find our more about each one.