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4-H Adventures is BACK for Summer 2021!

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Once again, Florida 4-H brings you 4-H Adventures – a virtual summer program that will navigate through healthy living, leadership and science based programs. Get ready to find an array of fun and educational adventures along with course descriptions and dates. 

Each 4-H Adventure has been designed by 4-H agents and specialists from around the state. Some involve regular scheduled meetings while others can be completed at the participant’s own pace.

Once you are enrolled in 4-H, most 4-H Adventures are free of charge and only require an internet connection and a connected device. Youth ages 5 to 18 may participate, though some Adventures are only open to specific age groups.


Registration is now closed. 

Click here to check out what is happening in 4-H in your area this Fall!  We would love to have you join us! 

The journey awaits you with 4-H Adventures; at home and in your community.

  • Seed to Food/ Plant to Plate

    Camp Dates: June 3 through July 29 (Once a week on Thursdays) 

    Ages 5-13

    4-H Seed to Food/Plant to Plate is an on-demand educational program and 4-H plant science project. This program focuses on exploring plant science by investigating the functions of each plant part; determining the role plants play in our lives; and encouraging mastery for growing plants by having a small garden or container garden at home. 

    Activities and topics each week will include plants, seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and gardens. The program will guide youth and adult helpers through the activities.  There will be links and to and suggestions for videos; books for beginners and intermediates ages, activities related to art, science and foods, games, and other extras like virtual tours, songs, fun facts.

    Participants can send in photos to exhibit their project creations. This camp has lots of activity options, most activities include many things you would have around your house. You can pick-and-choose activities that sound exciting and fit what you have at home. 


  • Exploring Veterinary Science Camp

    Camp Dates: June 21 through June 25

    4-H Intermediates and Seniors – Ages 11-18 (On September 1, 2020)

    An online camp for youth who are interested in exploring Animal Science and a career in Veterinary Medicine.

    This weeklong camp provides youth insight into the world of veterinary medicine starting with a foundation in small, large, and exotic species. At the end of the camp, you will have an opportunity to speak to experts in the field of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine to see what it is like to work in their fields. 

    This camp will meet daily from 1:00 to 3:00pm online through Zoom. 


  • Virtual Tailgate Camp

    Camp Dates: June 14 through July 3

    Ages 11-18

    We will learn about the Florida 4-H Tailgating Contest and explore food and fire safety, equipment, meat selection, seasonings, and create our own recipe graphic designs.  Each session will have activities that can be completed at home, with the goal of participants safely grilling at home for their families (under the supervision of an adult).

    This day camp is specifically teaching how to properly use a charcoal grill, however you can use these skills to safely cook on whatever type of grill you have at home.

    Participants are encouraged to have the following supplies for the virtual camp: grill, grilling supplies (charcoal, lighter, etc), grilling tools (spatula, tongs, etc), thermometer, protein (beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp will be highlighted), meat seasonings, a computer with internet access, and a Google account.

    Virtual Tailgate Day Camp is a work at your own pace camp, utilizing Google sites.   


  • US-IRAQ Cultural Exchange (By Application Only)

    Camp Dates: June 22-July 27

    Ages 14-18

    Note:  Space is limited in this experience.  All participants must complete an application to be considered.

    Engage in a six-week virtual exchange program with students from Florida, Kentucky, and Iraq in increasing the understanding of your own culture as well as exploring the cultures of others.  This program will be mostly recorded and working to put together an exchange package.  At the end of the program, we will come together online for a celebration. 

    We will find where our exchange partner is located on a map and learn about their area of the world.  Through video and pictures, we will introduce our exchange partner to our friends and family, tour our home, our school, show them our pets, local shopping centers, whatever is a part of your world, you will get to share it virtually.  And they will share with us….what is it like to live in Iraq?  What does a typical home and family look like?  How are Iraqi teens like us and how are they different?

    We will share a sample “day in our life” and they will too. We will exchange some of our favorite children’s stories or folklore, celebrations, and traditions.  Together we can celebrate the similarities and the differences! 

    At the end of the summer, date is still to be determined, we will all be together online in a virtual celebration.   

    You can sign up to receive an application for this program at:  Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management


  • Intro to Animal Sciences (How to have an animal in 4-H)

    Camp Dates: June 14 - 18

    Ages 8-18

    For over 100 years, 4-H has helped young people learn more about animals!  Would you like to learn some of the basics about livestock and poultry, and how to take care of these animals?  Would you like to learn more about owning your own cow, pig, chicken, goat, or lamb, or steer?  

    In the Intro to Animal Science program, participants will learn about the basics of caring for an animal of their own, including how to feed the animal, recognizing a healthy animal, basic healthcare maintenance for animals.  We will go over different breeds of animals and how to select a good animal for your needs.  We will talk about what animal agriculture in Florida looks like and will learn about opportunities in Florida 4-H that relate to livestock and poultry.

    We will discuss animal production and products as well as how to ethically raise an animal for a 4-H project or on a farm.  You do not need to own an animal or live on a farm or participate in this program.


  • Culinary Arts Virtual Camp

    Camp Dates: June 14 through June 17

    Ages 8-18

    Join us in a self-directed online Culinary Arts adventure this summer!  If you or someone you know is a rising culinary star you need to check this out! 

    Cooking is a life skill! The Culinary Arts Virtual Camp provides educational videos introducing food safety, kitchen skills, kitchen safety, recipe preparation and recipes for youth to prepare at home (under adult supervision).

    Registered participants will be provided access, through a closed site, videos, and recipes to practice your skills in the kitchen.  The program is designed for one session each day for four days.  Don’t worry if you participated last year… we have new cooking techniques to try and new recipes to make! 


  • Exploring 4-H Cloverbud Adventures (Intro to 4-H; ages 5-7)  

    Camp Dates: June 14 through June 18

    Ages 5-7

    Exploring 4-H Cloverbud Adventures is an online program with live instructors that will engage youth ages 5-7 on a journey that leads them through a variety of fun and educational activities related to an assortment of 4-H project areas.

    Some of the activities and topics will include animals (poultry and rabbits), clothing and textiles, butterflies, manners, and engineering. We will meet for one week for one hour a day online using Zoom. 

    In addition to our live Zoom meetings, you will have lots of activities you can “do as you choose” outside of our meeting time. Adult supervision is required for all virtual sessions and engagement in the online “do as you choose” activities.

    Youth will meet on Zoom each day from 10am to 11am EST. Each session will be live and recorded (just in case you miss it, you can watch it later).


For questions contact Courtney Quirie,