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The Florida 4-H Camping Team is delighted to announce the return of teen counselors at our summer camps all summer long! This revitalized program will be consistent across the state. The application and selection process, the trainings, and the Jr. Counselor gear being managed by both the Florida 4-H Camping Team and the 4-H professionals who comprise the Jr. Counselor Action Team. Jr. Counselors are vital to our summer camp program. We are looking forward to being able to give them the opportunity to learn, lead, and grow in the dynamic camp environment! 

Photo of camp counselors at camp cloverleaf starting a camp fire


    All teens between ages of 14-16 as of September 1, 2023. You do not have to be a current 4-H member to apply.

Photo of camp counselor showing youth how to make paper origami


    Jr. Counselors will be the link between campers and staff at summer camp. Throughout the week they will set the example, lead fun, and assist staff with camp activities. Jr. Counselors will have their own track at summer camp they participate in that will develop their leadership skills.

    Summer camp weeks are Monday-Friday. 

    Jr. Counselors will attend a minimum of one week of summer camp. If they wish to attend more than one week of summer camp, they are able to do so. If a Jr. Counselor wishes to attend multiple weeks of summer camp back-to-back, they must still be checked-out on Friday and then return to camp on Monday. There are no weekend accommodations for counselors. 

    Jr. Counselors will pay the full early bird fee to participate in each week of camp they attend as a Jr. Counselor. They are able to apply for any state scholarships they meet the criteria for. Information on the state scholarships can be found above. 

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  • WHEN

    Applications to be a Jr. Counselor open on January 1, 2024- February 29, 2024. The Jr. Counselor Action Team will review all application starting in March and will inform applicants of their acceptance no later than April 1, 2024. There will be mandatory virtual and in-person trainings between the months of April-May 2024. Dates and times for these trainings will be announced in the new year. 

Photo of camp counselor teaching a young 4-H member shooting sports safety


    You can apply to be a Jr. Counselor at either 4-H Camp Cloverleaf or 4-H Camp Timpoochee... or both! 

    Each camp has unique weekly themes and prices. Follow the links below to view Camp Cloverleafs' and Camp Timpoochee's weekly themes and prices!  

    Camp Cloverleaf Summer Camp Info

    Camp Timpoochee Summer Camp Info


Application Instructions 

  1. On the application, please answer all the questions. 
  2. Please indicate which Florida 4-H Camp and the week(s) this summer you are available to be a Jr. Counselor at. 
  3. Upload resume
  4. On the application, you will need to provide the email address for two professional adult references. These references do not have to be associated with 4-H, though they can be.  
  5. Your application will be complete and ready for review by the Jr. Counselor Action Team once you have submitted the application and both of your adult references have submitted their references.