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4-H LogoFlorida 4-H

4-H LogoFlorida 4-H

All 4-H events and activities are designed to give members positive, meaningful experiences by providing physical, mental, social, and emotional growth opportunities, 4-H events are hosted at the county, district, state, and national levels. They include competitive and non-competitive events that balance the cooperative learning activities in an informal education program. 4-H events provide members opportunities to share what they have learned in their 4-H project. 4-H Events promote mastery through learning opportunities beyond the 4-H club. Events also recognize youth for their project accomplishments.

  • State Event Refund/Cancellation Policy

    Unless stated otherwise the following Refund/Cancellation Policy is in effect:

    • Participants who register for an event and cancel before registration closes will receive a full reimbursement of any associated fees.
    • Once registration has closed, no refunds will be allowed unless a documented medical emergency or natural disaster inhibits a participant from attending. In such a circumstance, please contact the State Events Coordinator as soon as possible to make a note on your account. Once formal documentation has been submitted, within 30 days, an appropriate refund will be disbursed.
    • Please note that refunds issued after registration has closed may not be eligible for a full reimbursement if costs associated to the registration have already been paid and are unable to be adjusted.
    • Requests for reimbursement after an event has concluded will not be accepted, regardless of
    • No Refunds will be offered after event has concluded. 
  • Florida 4-H In the Know - State Registration & Submission Dates

    Stay in the know with Florida 4-H's upcoming registration and submission dates!

Photo of kids at 4-H iLEAD event



4-H youth at 4-H University.

4-H University

4-H youth at the state capital.


4-H youth at the state capital.

Day at the Capitol