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Florida 4-H Day at the Capitol

The 4-H Day at the Capitol Program provides youth with an opportunity to learn more about their state government and experience the political process first hand. 4-H members are highly encouraged to make an appointment with their representative, senator, or a legislative aide to talk about how the Florida 4-H Program has impacted their lives. During the day, participants will hear from public officials, spend time in the Capitol Building, and see their legislators in action.

Check out photos from previous years by clicking on the following link, FL 4-H Photo Albums (

Key Questions Information
Who All 4-H members, volunteers, families, and professionals
When March 25, 2025 | Check-in: 8:00AM ET | Event Begins: 9:30AM ET | Event Ends: 2:30PM ET
Where The Florida Capitol - Tallahassee, FL

$25 for all participants that includes a polo and lunch;

Additional $10 to reserve a seat on a bus




Busses will be stopping at various locations throughout Florida.

Check with your county 4-H professional for further information.

Q+A Webinar


Prep Webinar



Schedule & Activities | Derby Sale,
Registration | Courtney Quirie,
Sponsorship | Caylin Hilton, 

  • Preparing for Your In-Person Day at the Capitol Experience

    Programming information and resources for this year’s Florida 4-H Day at the Capitol can be found online by clicking on the following link, FL 4-H Day at the Capitol - Online Resources.

    • Preparing for Being in Tallahassee: Includes information on travel and optional lodging, what you can study to enhance your experience, what to wear, and consideration for food and security.
    • Planning Your In-Person Schedule: Includes information on the full schedule of the day, the times that are planned for you, the times that you need to plan activities for, and resources to help in planning those activities.
    • Connecting with Your Legislators: Includes information on how to identify your legislators, write letters to them, set up meetings with them, and what you should be prepared to speak about.
    • Scavenger Hunt - Explore the Capitol to take pictures and answer questions in this fun-filled scavenger hunt. This is something that you can do as you're going from place to place around the Capitol.
  • Virtual Day at the Capitol Field Trip

    Can’t make it to Tallahassee? No problem!

    Click the “Virtual DATC Field Trip” button below to travel to our virtual Florida 4-H Day at the Capitol experience.

    Here are specific links to pages within that site that are part of our virtual field trip:

    • Meeting with Your Legislators: Includes information on how to identify your legislators, set up meetings with them, and what you should be prepared to speak about. This resource works for both virtual and in-person.
    • Exploring Your Local Government: Includes information on participating in 4-H’s Citizenship Project that involves learning about local government, attending a meeting of your county governing body, interviewing local government officials, and visiting a local court during a trial by jury.
    • Trivia Challenge: Includes information on where to study up on the three branches of government, founding documents, and how a bill becomes law along with a trivia challenge to test your knowledge in those categories.
    • Virtual Tours: Includes information on how to take virtual tours of FAMU, the Museum of Florida History, the Florida Historic Capitol Museum, and the 2022 Art in the Capitol showcase.

    Contact your local county Extension office to discover how you can integrate these virtual resources into your club, council, or classroom.