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4-H School Enrichment Programs

School Enrichment is a partnership between the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service and a school district to provide educational content in various subject areas. Extension values its relationship with the schools and welcomes the opportunity to provide research-based curricula for classroom use.

School enrichment curriculum resources are an important part of the 4-H program in Florida. A key goal of 4-H School Enrichment is also to expose youth to other 4-H experiences, such as the 4-H Club. Research shows that youth spending time in long-term, positive youth programs, such as 4-H, are less likely to become involved in high-risk behaviors, have higher school attendance and grades, better conflict management practices, and better work habits. 4-H School Enrichment can give youth and parents a picture of the benefits of a longer commitment to 4-H.

If you are interested in bringing the Florida 4-H Enrichment Programs to your school, contact your county 4-H professional.

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