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The Florida 4-H State Council is the youth governance arm of the Florida 4-H Council, composed of two (2) voting delegates from each county that has paid its council dues.

The annual meeting of the State Council is held at Florida 4-H University; this is generally the only meeting during the 4-H year.  During this meeting, the business of the Council is conducted and new officers are elected. 

The State 4-H Council Officers then represent the voice of youth on various statewide advisory boards, committees, and planning teams throughout the year.

Voting delegates for the 2023 State Council meeting during 4-H University must be submitted by a county 4-H professional by June 26, 2023. All voting delegates must be registered and in attendance at 4-H University. Information for the event can be found by clicking the following link, 2023 State Council Voting Delegate Information.

  • Governing Documents
  • Selecting Delegates

    Selection of State Council voting delegates will vary by county. The only stipulations that must be followed in accordance with the Florida 4-H Constitution and Bylaws are listed below. For more specifics on how each county makes their selection, contact your county 4-H professionals.

    • Each county shall be represented by two officially seated voting delegates who may vote on each proceeding of the Council (FL 4-H Const. art. III, § 4.).
    • Each county delegate shall be at least fourteen years of age by September 1 of the current 4-H year (FL 4-H Bylaws. art. I, § 1, cl. a.).
    • Youth who are state officer candidates must be officially seated voting delegates for their counties (FL 4-H Bylaws. art. II, § I, cl. b.).

Becoming a State Council Officer 

Meet Your State Council Officers 

Information Contact

Derby Sale | | 352-294-2914