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Support 4-H'ers in your community when you order your FLORIDA 4-H specialty plate voucher! Help us reach 3,000 vouchers by October 2022 to make the 4-H tag a reality. 

You can now purchase your voucher at your local tag office OR online (from anywhere in Florida) through the Escambia County Tax Collector’s Office.  

We must sell 3,000 pre-sale vouchers by October 2024 to make it a reality and start production! You can help us reach our goal and support 4-H members in your community. 

Your $25 specialty plate fee supports youth leadership programs like 4-H University and Legislature, the Florida 4-H Camping Program, and competition teams in a variety of topics like forest ecology and livestock judging.  

  • Who can buy?

    The State of Florida allows anyone to purchase a specialty plate pre-sale voucher for themselves or another person as long as the recipient is the holder of a Florida driver license or registration. (If you are both the purchaser and the recipient, you should enter your information into both sections of the online form for the sale to process correctly.)  

    You can even get vouchers for your camper, trailer, and any other Florida license plates you have—show your 4-H pride everywhere you go!  

    Vouchers make great gifts! You just need the recipient’s driver’s license number.

    You can also secure your voucher by visiting your local tag office and requesting the Florida 4-H Specialty Plate Voucher.  

  • How do 4-H'ers benefit?

    Your $25 specialty plate fee goes to the Florida 4-H Club Foundation and allocated for: 

    • 20% for state leadership development programs (4-H U, Leg, etc.) 
    • 20% for state competitive teams (Forestry, Livestock, Meats, etc.) 
    • At least 50% for Florida 4-H Camps 
    • Up to 10% for administrative/marketing costs of the plate  
  • Are there additional fees?

    In addition to the $25 fee benefiting 4-H, there may be additional processing fees collected by the tax collector/state for processing (total ~$33). The voucher fee will cover the specialty plate for the first year once the plate has been manufactured and is available at your local tax collector’s office.  

    If your license plate is not due for a mandatory replacement (every 10 years), you will likely need to pay a fee between $28.00 -$36.90 to replace it. These fees do not cover the annual registration renewal fees. 

    You will renew your $25 specialty plate fee each year and continue supporting 4-H'ers. 

  • Are vouchers refundable?

    If the license plate does not meet its pre-sale requirement, the fee can be applied to another specialty plate or refunded. However, they are not refundable for any other reason. Pre-sale vouchers are non-transferable.