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Florida 4-H Statewide Virtual Clubs

Florida 4-H Statewide Virtual Clubs are open to all Florida youth! This year, we have debuted several Statewide Virtual 4-H clubs on a variety of topics. From livestock to youth leadership clubs, you can get a taste of Florida 4-H in the comfort of your own home!

Membership is $20.00 for one year of enrollment. Contact the club leader listed for more information.

  • Young Leaders Club

    Platform - Zoom

    Ages - 13-18

    Date/Time - Second Tuesday of every month, 4:30-6:00p EST/3:30-5:00p CST

    Description - You are the future leaders of your club, county, community, and world.  Even before adulthood, you have the power to make an impact on your communities.  What type of leader do you want to become and how do you want to affect positive change throughout your lifetime? We will engage members in advancing their leadership skills as they interact with University of Florida faculty and staff.  Club members will help plan and coordinate monthly speakers and activities that are open to anyone to attend. 


  • Virtual Poultry Club

    Platform:  Zoom

    Tentative Dates:  2nd Tuesday at 6 pm Eastern (tentative)

    Description:  Virtual Poultry Club – ages 8-18 -Topics and activities will be related to the 4-H poultry project, poultry science, and careers in poultry and livestock industries.  Meetings are once a month.

    Contact: Christopher Decubellis - 

  • Virtual Livestock Club

    Platform:  Zoom

    Tentative Dates:  3rd Tuesday at 6pm Eastern (tentative)

    Description:  Open to ages 8-18, this club will cover basic animal husbandry, showmanship, nutrition, and other topics related to 4-H swine, dairy, beef, goat, and sheep projects.  We might even talk about horses and poultry from time to time.  All are welcome if they own animals or not!  We will meet once a month. 

    Contact: Christopher Decubellis - 

  • Preparing Future Agricultural Professionals 

    Platform:  Zoom

    Tentative Dates:  1st and 4th Tuesday at 6 pm Eastern

    Description:  Open to ages 14-18, material in this club will intentionally cover material to prepare participants for the Florida Farm Bureau AEST Agriculture Associate or Agriculture Systems Associate.  Participants will also learn other workforce prep skills and soft skills to set them on a trajectory to thrive as a new professional working in the agriculture sector. 

    Contact: Christopher Decubellis -