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Leader of the Legacy 

Since 2013, the Leader of the Legacy is awarded to youth by youth. This is the highest award a 4-H member can receive during their 4-H career.

Click the following link to submit a nomination, Leader of the Legacy Nomination Form (


  • Nomination Process
    1. Any adult may nominate a graduating high school senior 4-H member for the Florida 4-H Leader of the Legacy Award. 
    2. Youth must be currently enrolled as a 4-H member, a graduating senior, and in good standing with their county.
    3. 4-H professionals will be asked to approve nominations to ensure the member is in good standing at the county/tribe level.  
    4. Nominations cannot be made by family members.
    5. Nominations must be submitted online using the link above. 
    6. One winner from each of the five administrative districts ( will be selected. From those five district winners, one will be selected as the Florida 4-H Leader of the Legacy.
    7. All district and state winners will be recognized at 4-H University.  
  • Selection Criteria
    1. A Leader of the Legacy will have a documented record of successfully representing 4-H values related to the 4-H Pledge, demonstrating that they have used their: 
      1. Head for clearer thinking
      2. Heart for greater loyalty
      3. Health for better living
      4. Hands for larger service
    2. The nomination should include specific examples of how the 4-H member has embraced the 4-H Pledge through actions and impact in their respective counties, districts, or state.
    3. A rubric will be used to score the nominations for district and state awards. 
    4. Nominations will be scored by 4-H members on the 4-H University Executive Board Committee.  If a committee member is nominated, they will be recused from the selection process.

    Sample Resources

  • Previous Winners

    2014      Chandler Ash

    2015      Sarah Baltzell

    2016      Meredith Weber

    2017      Danielle Tinker

    2018      Danielle Connor

    2019      Katie Gates

    2020      Emmet Peterson

    2021      Ethan Thorne

    2022      Hayden Hawes

    2023      Jacqueline Lackey