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Community Pride: Service-Learning Grant Program

Community Pride is a service-learning program aimed to support 4-H members and clubs across the state in giving back to their communities.

Project proposals are due December 1. Final reports are due June 1. All information regarding these submissions can be found below.

  • Program Objectives

    The objectives for this program are for youth to:

    • Learn about their community and the impact it has on their lives
    • Learn to work with a team in community activities, programs, organizations
    • Develop skills and knowledge in community leadership
    • Gain experience carrying out projects to improve their community
    • Develop an interest in and love for their community

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership opportunities, including title sponsorship, are available for this statewide program. Contact Caylin Hilton at to learn more.

Guidelines & Procedures

4-H members of all ages may participate in a Community Pride Project.  During the project a community issue is identified, a service project is selected, a plan is implemented by the group, and reflection and reporting take place.

This is a competitive project. To be eligible for one of the Top Five Community Pride Project Awards, groups must have submitted a proposal and a final report. Even groups who do not receive funding are eligible to submit a final report and compete for one of the Top Five Awards.

  • Step 1: Community Needs Assessment

    During the fall, youth study the challenges facing their community and identify needs and assets. Youth then select one community need to focus on.

  • Step 2: Planning Process

    Youth research the community need they are going to focus on and develop a plan to combat this community need.

  • Step 3: Submit a Community Pride Proposal

    Each group must submit a proposal for funding of their Community Pride Project.

    Proposals must be submitted through Qualtrics at THIS LINK by December 1 to be considered for the current 4-H years funding. County 4-H Professionals (faculty/staff) will receive an email to approve the application once it is submitted. Applications will not be considered complete without approval from your county 4-H professional. 

    For submission, you will need to upload a Proposed Project Budget and a Proposed Media Strategy. These templates can be found by clicking on the links in the previous sentence. 

    For reference only, you can see what will need to be reported at Community Pride - Proposal. No PDF submissions will be acepted. All submissions must be made through the Qualtrics link. 

    Groups that are awarded funding will be notified via email in January. Groups that are awarded funding MUST follow up with the Florida 4-H Community Pride Final Report available below. 

  • Step 4: Implement Your Project

    Youth should implement their service project between January and June.

  • Step 5: Evaluate and Report

    All Florida 4-H Community Pride Final Reports must be submitted through Qualtrics by June 1st to compete at the state level for recognition. A link will be made available to submit the report online.

    For reference only, you can see what will need to be reported at Community Pride - Final Report. No PDF submissions will be accepted. All submissions must be made through the Qualtrics link.

    All participants in the Top Five Projects will be invited to a recognition meal held during 4-H University.

Leader's Guide

You can access the Community Pride Leader’s guide by following THIS LINK.

This guide is meant to support Club/Project Leaders to help club members succeed in the Community Pride Project. 

  • This guide includes:
    • Community needs assessment instructions
    • SMART Goals Worksheet
    • Project calendar worksheet
    • Sample reflection questions.

Top Projects from Last Year

Photo of youth creating crafts for their communty

  • Dream It, Style It, Make It – Broward County

    Craft & Project Workshops for Mental Health Assisted Living

    As a club focused on arts and crafts, Dream It, Style It, Make It recognized that their creative skills could be used to benefit their local assisted living facility residents. The members took to the courtyard of a local facility to provide entertainment through their crafts. Through their education and creation of canvas art, baskets, and wreaths, club members came away with teamwork, communication, and planning skills while leaving smiles and warm feelings with those they served.

Youth creating a butterfly garden

  • Tropical Troopers

    Butterfly Garden for Mental Health Assisted Living

    Realizing that assisted living facilities in their county are often ignored, the Tropical Troopers got to work on a beautification project focused on bringing entertainment to their senior citizens. The club’s butterfly gardens brought a sense of home to the residents at these facilities and an actual home to the butterflies around Broward.

Youth standing around firepit

  • Green Clover Legacy 4-H Club – Lake County

    Retire, Respect, Replace

    Noticing a general disregard of the American Flag, Green Clover Legacy took to educating their local community about the proper care of the flag along with its meaning and purpose. Their message was delivered through educational programs, flag bags with information and goodies, and a flag retirement ceremony. Learning about unity and how to gather necessary information, Green Clover Legacy were able to reach 125 people during their project.

Youth sewing face masks

  • Why Knot – Osceola County

    Gateway Shields and Masks

    Recognizing external and internal safety needs within schools, Why Knot took to their sewing kits to make a difference. Gateway Shields for classrooms were made to cover the windows on the classroom doors. This allowed both teachers and students alike to feel safe. Then when COVID hit, the club decided to continue their sewing with masks. Why Knot was able to support 60 teachers with their efforts while building their own skills in sewing and teamwork.

Youth educating their community about their responsibilities their waterways clean

  • Water Quality Team – St. Lucie County

    Water Quality

    Recognizing the poor water quality in their county, the Water Quality Team took to educating their local community about their responsibility in keeping their waterways clean. By creating educational flyers and trash collection sites, the team is hopeful that their entire community will learn about the daily things in their lives that can be changed to benefit their water.

Information Contact

Program & Submissions | Derby Sale,

Sponsorship | Caylin Hilton,