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Florida 4-H Food Challenge

The 4-H Food Challenge is a contest that provides a fun, yet challenging, food-focused learning opportunity for youth ages 8 to 18, (as of September 1st of the current 4-H year).  Youth work in teams of 3-4 youth, of the same age division, to create a dish using a predetermined set of ingredients and cooking utensil/equipment. First, each team plans and prepares one of the randomly assigned dish while being judged on their food safety skills, teamwork, and ability to manage time and resources. Then youth present their finished dish, deliver a five-minute presentation, and answer questions about their dish to a panel of judges.

HOW do you get involved and prepare for the 4-H Food Challenge?

Youth taking part in the 4-H Food Challenge must prepare for the Food Challenge contest by working a team of 3-4 peers and caring adults who serve as Team Captains. Team Captains will work with youth through a series of hands-on educational sessions related to food and equipment safety, food preparation, nutrition, budgeting, serving size, visual appeal, oral presentations, teamwork and more!

Contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office to see if there is an active Food Challenge group that you can join. If not, work with your 4-H or FCS Extension Agent(s) to identify two caring adults who could fill this role. 

We invite organizations and individuals to partner with us for the Florida 4-H Food Challenge program, including presenting level sponsorship. Contact Caylin Hilton at for more information.