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4-H Scholarships

The Florida 4-H Foundation provides over $15,000 in scholarships to 4-H members each year. 4-H youth compete for these scholarships through an application and portfolio process. Donors who support the 4-H program establish the amounts and quantities of scholarships offered. Youth may not apply for scholarships which they have previously been granted.


Scholarship applications must be submitted to the State 4-H Headquarters between April 1 and no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 1. Youth who are interested in participating in the 4-H scholarship program should contact their county 4-H agent for more information and county deadlines.

  • For more information about the 4-H Portfolio application process click HERE.

Decision Process

Upon submission of your Scholarship Portfolio, a committee will review your application and decide who they will extend an interview to. Interviews will take place during the second day of 4-H University. After careful deliberation, the interview team will select the appropriate winners of the scholarships in questions off the cumulative score garnered from a youths portfolio and interview score. Winners will be recognized at the 4-H University Awards Banquet.

Candidates are encouraged to apply for any applicable scholarships, but will only be awarded a maximum of 3. The Presidential Scholarship is excluded from the previously mentioned award cap.

Procedure for Requesting Scholarship Payment

Payment of scholarship funds is made directly to the accredited college or university or technical/trade school on behalf of the recipient. In the event of special education needs, payment of scholarship awards can be directed to the recipient upon prior approval of the Associate Dean for 4-H. Under these conditions an IRS Form 1099-MISC will be filed with the Internal Revenue Service and with you for the calendar year in which it is received.

Winners must submit the following to the State 4-H Headquarters:

  • A thank you note written to the donors of the awarded scholarship(s)
  • Enrollment verification (letter from institution, schedule, or fee slip with their name printed on it, etc.)
  • Name & Address of the Financial Aid Office of the school attended during request disbursement
  • Student ID number

Conditions Governing State Scholarships

A scholarship shall be used within one (1) year of the date of the award. In the event that the scholarship is not used within the year of limitation, the winner must present in writing to the Assistant Dean for 4-H a request for time extension. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the scholarship.